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Inspiring Quotes Images About Times Square

1. “I always have a positive reaction to Times Square – you’ve got so many people passing through here, so many cultures, and so many people merging into the central community of New York City. This is the hub of America.” – Dhani Jones

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2. “When we got off the streetcar at Times Square, it was somewhat of a letdown. Newspapers were blowing about the road and pavement, and Broadway looked seedy, like a slovenly woman just out of bed.” – Charlie Chaplin

3. “Is there really anyone, besides Rudy Giuliani, who prefers the new Times Square?” – Jonathan Safran Foer

4. “It’s pretty cliched, but Times Square is just incredible. You really feel like you’re in the capital of the world.” – Timothy F. Cahill

5. “For me, having walked through Times Square so many times as a broke and starving artist, as a TV star, and now having other hopes and dreams, it just represents possibility and the moment of full circle.” – Titus Burgess

6. “Last night I walked clear down to Times Square & just as I arrived I suddenly realized I was a ghost – it was my ghost walking on the sidewalk.” – Jack Kerouac

7. “I kind of miss the old sleazy Times Square, in a way. And yet I don’t mind not being accosted by all sorts of strange people.” – Malachy Mccourt

8. “My mom was scared of the old Times Square so I was never allowed to go. Now I’m scared of the new Times Square, so I still never go.” – Padma Lakshmi

9. “There’s no place that communicates as much – and as quickly – as Times Square does. I see the roiling energy and its forceful race into the future. Of course, after 15 minutes, I want to get as far away from there as possible.” – Jan Vogler

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10. “I would say that Times Square was the central hangout for Burroughs, Kerouac, and myself from about 1945 to 1948.” – Allen Ginsberg

Is There Really Anyone Besides Rudy Giuliani Who Prefers The New Times Square Times Square Quotes Images By Jonathan Safran Foer
Is There Really Anyone Besides Rudy Giuliani Who Prefers The New Times Square Times Square Quotes Images By Jonathan Safran Foer
This Race Is Hotter Than A Times Square Rolex Times Square Quotes Images By Dan Rather
This Race Is Hotter Than A Times Square Rolex Times Square Quotes Images By Dan Rather

11. “I used to walk through the Old Times Square fearing for my life. Now I wouldn’t be caught dead there.” – James McBride

12. “Greed, it ain’t going anywhere. They should have that in a big billboard across Times Square. Without people you’re nothing.” – Joe Strummer

13. “This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex.” – Dan Rather