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Famous Sayings Pictures About Physical Appearance

1. “A great personality is the most important beauty of any woman. Physical appearance is only temporary.” – Edmond Mbiaka

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2. “I’m intrigued by the way in which physical appearance can often direct a person’s life; things happen differently for a beautiful woman than for a plain one.” – Penelope Lively

3. “People will make judgments before you even speak based on the way you look. Most definitely your physical appearance matters. The way you dress, your hygiene – it all matters.” – Jonathan Adler

4. “I’ve learned over the years that sooner or later a person’s physical appearance comes to resemble whatever is in their heart.” – Damien Echols

5. “It is true that women tend to be more identified with their bodies because in this crazy world, both men and women measure women’s value as human beings in relationship to their physical appearance.” – Andrew Cohen

6. “We place such crazy importance on physical appearance in our image-obsessed culture, on youth and beauty to define our sense of self-worth, that aging, by default, becomes a kind of defect, something secret and corrosive and shameful.” – Ruth Ozeki

7. “I feel it is important not to get overly obsessed and overly carried away with just the physical aspect. There is more to beauty than just the physical appearance. You are also a complete person, and a woman should have an identity beyond just the way she looks.” – Katrina Kaif

8. “I think that being happy makes the biggest impact on your physical appearance.” – Drew Barrymore

9. “Don’t judge people by their physical appearances if you truly want to get to know them. Just watch their frequent footsteps and you would surely know their true personalities.” – Edmond Mbiaka

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10. “Possibly because I grew up not feeling very confident about my own physical appearance, I developed internal devices so that I could integrate into society.” – Shirley Mans

I Think That Being Happy Makes The Biggest Impact On Your Physical Appearance Physical Appearance Quotes Images By Drew Barrymore
I Think That Being Happy Makes The Biggest Impact On Your Physical Appearance Physical Appearance Quotes Images By Drew Barrymore

Aesthetic Quotes Pictures About Physical Appearance

11. “I eat anything, and I’m not preoccupied with my figure. The most important [thing] is that the people accept me for my music, not for physical appearances.” – Selena Gomez

12. “Polite strangers often tell soothing lies about our physical appearance that prevent many of us from facing, discussing and solving our real problems.” – Martha Beck

13. “Modeling is not something you excel because you are clever but is based on physical appearance, but then you have to be a businesswoman, like, to keep your longevity” – Gelila Bekele

14. “Focusing on worldly achievements and acceptance has never been the way to true happiness, and an obsessive, discontent with our physical appearance can lead to unhappiness if not despair.” – Pamela H. Hansen

15. “Beauty cannot be limited to physical appearances… because beauty can be felt without being seen.” – Rebekah Elizabeth Gamble

16. “There are actually some men in the world who care more about a women’s character than her physical appearance.” – Jody Hedlund

17. “If you understand that you are not just your appearance or your physical body, you will be better equipped to handle negative feelings or imperfection regarding your outward appearance” – Sunday Adelaja

18. “Don’t get caught up in the ‘look’ thing. Sometimes, we as men and women, the first thing that attracts us to someone is their physical appearance, and that’s not always a good thing because what’s good on the outside Is not always good on the inside.” – Keith Sweat

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19. “For me, changing my physical appearance for a character is never a problem. If I have to look a certain way for a role, I just do it.” – Alia Bhatt