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Meaningful Sayings Pictures By Nikhil Parekh

1. “A divider of brutality separated, the devil from sacpronet God assassinating blissful traces of benevolence; rendering the world a disaster to live in.”

2. “A lantern whose flames would forever erase even the most evanescent of her memory of being venomously orphaned.”

3. “A persevering route of earning fodder through rhyme, Presented as a pearl of written composition, Is what we mean by self composed poetry.”

4. “A precious gift of the living AnAtomy, nominAted As imperAtive for heAlthy life, A thorough churner of consumed goods, brushed thrice A dAy with fluoride pAste, projecting it As An object of desire, is All thAt needs to be mentioned, About A cluster of teeth.”

5. “A single shadow of hers instilled so much enigma; that the entire compendium of fairy tales on this earth; unitedly failed to evoke”

6. “A true elephant is the one who never forgets his Herculean strength; the astounding power that reverberated from his body as he strolled; even in times when he lay timidly wounded on the ground.”

7. “A virtue which has its immoral essence dissipated in every nook and cranny of this boundless planet O! yes I feel the richest man on this earth to proclaim it as love Love and simply love.”

8. “All I want is a ravishing watermelon; titillating my tongue beyond the point of no control”

9. “All I want is a wild elephant; which swishes tones of water merrily all around with its trunk.”

10. “All humAns born hAd frAgile bunches of hAir emAnAting from their scAlp, the sAme grew into islAnds inhAbited by deceit And lechery, As AdvAncing yeArs crept, vAnquishing immAculAte hAir of childhood, into trAces of everlAsting oblivion.”

Artists Are Esoterically Whimsical Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
Artists Are Esoterically Whimsical Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Valuable Quotes Pictures By Nikhil Parekh

11. “An ambience of pine tree and sprawling lawn proved more than conducive the swimming pool was a treat to the eye in blistering heat of the summer month.”

12. “An idle flesh; is the impotently lackadaisical and menacingly incarcerating infertility’s; favorite workshop.”

13. “An infinite fortnights of timelessly blessing sensuousness; An infinite carcasses of ludicrously sordid infertility; inconsolably weeping all the time.”

14. “And I really didn’t think as to whether or not she thought about me; as for me she was the most immortally passionate girl on this unbridled Universe; whose every unconquerable heartbeat drew me more closer and closer to her divinely form; and without even me and her realizing the slightest; made us forever and ever and ever as ‘Husband & Wife’.”

15. “And every life spawned in this Universe by the Creator; sagaciously balanced itself between its share of enchantingly good and diabolically bad.”

16. “And for my nimbly penurious and diminutively groping persona; an unfathomably enlightening poem a day; keeps the doctor forever away.”

17. “And my heart expressed its immortally unparalleled love; by bountifully bonding every of its passionate beat with her essence of irrefutably undaunted truth; indomitably coalescing with her spirit of oneness and humanity; even after the earth had disdainfully ceased to exist.”

18. “And pitch dark beams of night to fall in a sedative trance, a blissfully refreshing, celestial sleep.”

19. “And the celestial stupor which the savagely bubbling day thoroughly failed to provide; was profoundly imparted by the magnificently enchanting night.”

20. “And the light of our love was as everlasting as the fragrance of God, It radiated a perpetual immortal glow; which neither faded in darkness; not disappeared in the brightest of light.”

Brutality Leads To Strangulation Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
Brutality Leads To Strangulation Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Inspiring Sayings Pictures From Nikhil Parekh

21. “And the rain was insuperably Immortal; and so was my new born baby daughter;disseminating only the beats of love; love and Immortally princely love; every time her godly heart throbbed in her tiny chest.”

22. “And when I burnt infinite leAves of my immAculAte heArt, there wAs A mysticAl AromA thAt imprisoned the Ambience, it wAs A smell thAt portrAyed sAcrosAnct love, it wAs An insAtiAble odour of her mesmerizing soul thoroughly entwined in mine.”

23. “And when I was in front of my immortal beloved; I waited for her to say I love you, making me entirely oblivious to the most treacherous of pain on my body; making me speak, worship; and die for; love, love and only love.”

24. “And why did I love to perpetually and impregnably love? Well it was solely because of the most unflinchingly ardent existence; of every part; pore and beat of your divinely sensuous body; O! Omnipotent beloved.”

25. “And you have the most impregnable fortress of unity; with each second of unfurling black; yielding way for fathomless more lights.”

26. “Artists are esoterically whimsical,”

27. “As its every droplet is inevitably worth a million; for it is the source of all life beside us; an indispensable fuel to rejuvenate the depleted reservoir of our energy; water is precious.”

28. “As much blissfully proliferating was the garden of vivaciously Omnipotent life Horrifically crucifying and despicably stagnating were the coffin nails of remorsefully fretting death.”

29. “As she was his sacrosanct mother; and he was; and would immortally remain; forever as her immortally impeccable child.”

30. “At times an eternally frolicking peacock vividly flirting behind the hills; while at times fretting and fuming in the aisles of treacherously betraying morbidity,”

I Chose A Man Slender And Skinny Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
I Chose A Man Slender And Skinny Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Revolutionary Sayings Images By Nikhil Parekh

31. “At times this; and At times that; the list is endless but still a fraction too frugal to describe her divinely countenance; as she was everything for me in my impoverished life; she was my immortal wife.”

32. “Be it in the form of a zillion molecules of whimsical deliriousness that we gave shape to; preposterously deluging every bit of the ecstatically vibrant atmosphere;”

33. “Bond your seducing enigma so immortally with my indigently commercial countenance; that it was perennially impossible for me to be ever possessed by any other enigma on this compassionate Universe; for unending more civilizations; yet to evolve”

34. “Bone to Bone; and there perpetually evolves; a fortress of unflinchingly handsome and fearlessly peerless; unity.”

35. “Both of us were born only to support each other; impregnably unite in the waves of unassailable solidarity.”

36. “Brutality leads to strangulation.”

37. “But at the end of the benign day and as the Sun eventually paid its last tributes to regally aristocratic brightness there was nothing as pricelessly humanitarian as home sweet home.”

38. “But the trail of mesmerizing enigma on your innocuously budding palms was astoundingly divinely; bestowing upon my staggering beleaguered footsteps; a spell of immoral happiness.”

39. “But there was no replacement for Love; as the moment you tried to replace it; it only got substituted by more formidable equations of immortal love; for as long as life on the planet existed; for as long as it took birth again; and again and again.”

40. “But to irrefutaBly ensure that the passion Brilliantly transformed every speck of infertility into the chapters of everlastingly Omniscient procreation; was what the Almighty Creator had created it for.”

Life Means God Life Means Perennially Unending Life Means More Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
Life Means God Life Means Perennially Unending Life Means More Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Aesthetic Sayings Images From Nikhil Parekh

41. “But tomorrow is the most perpetually true champion; is the most indomitably optimistic of them all.”

42. “But too romantic is too good;as it makes you feel alive beyond your own self;as it makes you feel alive for the most fulfilling mission for which God sent you upon on planet earth.”

43. “Call me esoteric; a sleazily withering entity abstrusely hard to comprehend”

44. “Can the magnanimous aircraft hovering at unprecedented heights in the air; ever dream of maneuvering through the crowded city streets?”

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45. “Can there exist an aircraft in space without a pair of steel wings.”

46. “Charging them with the highest treason, sweeping them away like pieCe of dirt, with Cheap broomstiCks of twined bamboo.”

47. “Dance with each peacock that you encountered in your life in such a way; as if there wasn’t going to be another peacock ever to be born as vividly charismatic.”

48. “Death was the greatest immortalizer after which every good and Samaritan deed of living being was idolized and gave strength to existing man to conquer all evil till times immemorial,”

49. “Death was the greatest pacifier; after which every thwarted desire of the physical form; wonderfully evaporated and became a mist of celestially everlasting solitude,”

50. “Death was the greatest purifier after which even the most evanescent ounce of the inevitably sinful body wholesomely dissolved to perennially blend with the holy natural soil and atmosphere,”

Lit A Lantern Of Love Through Every Vein Of My Persona Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
Lit A Lantern Of Love Through Every Vein Of My Persona Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Popular Sayings Images By Nikhil Parekh

51. “Death was the greatest symbolizer after which each entity became an institution in its very ownself for whatever good or bad it’d achieved in the tenure of its otherwise unendingly aspiring life,”

52. “Defending me against all evil prevailing obliterating me from the remotest of brutality.”

53. “Depression even when a fathomless garden of rose bountifully bloomed outside my bedroom window insatiably wafting the scent of timeless happiness into my penuriously sagging ears.”

54. “Depression even when all the cuckoos of this Universe boisterously chirped around me for hours immemorial.”

55. “Depression even when the most enchantingly tantalizing of seductresses unfurled their umpteenth flavors of vibrant seduction just abreast of my impoverished countenance.”

56. “Despairing loneliness when I bonded into matrimony; after all who’d accept an esoteric recluse lost in an entrenchment of enigma .”

57. “Dismantling weak foundations of cheap bamboo, tearing apart tin roofs from thatched hay, uprooting tree roots from deep recesses of ground”

58. “Eclectic and Esoteric, Quintessential and Quivering, Unrelenting and Unfazed,”

59. “Every cake stupendously enthusiastic about consecrating the child’s birthday; irrefutably deserved to be kissed by a profoundly enlightening and poignantly glistening candle.”

60. “Every day is a new day; bringing along with it overwhelming loads of happiness, and an unparalleled rhapsody to blissfully lead life.”

Mothers Overrules Crippling Brutality Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
Mothers Overrules Crippling Brutality Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Legendary Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

61. “Every mirror embedded on the walls is a beautiful mirror; portraying to you your candid reflection.”

62. “Everytime the peacock unveiled its feathers to a vivaciously full plumage; spell-bindingly enticing even the most drearily forlorn entity; in its redolently effulgent swirl,”

63. “Find me a girl in today’s world; who loves you solely for your inimitably unique and profound personality; without the most evaporating iota of spell-binding magic descending down your spine?”

64. “For the sake of terrorizing the entire world, by committing irrevocable acts of brutality.”

65. “Forever unity; perpetuating a wave of unconquerably triumphant solidarity; amongst every caste; creed; sect and color of the; marvelously diversified society.”

66. “Fought like an indefatigable soldier; when the question arose of defending your persona your true integrity.”

67. “Give me death instead; the most concluding connotation of life; wholesomely devastating even the most whimsical knot of my nonchalantly pugnacious and sadistically crucifying existence.”

68. “Give me perpetual infertility O! Almighty Lord; but please don’t curse me ever with the preposterous prowess; of not being able to enjoy;”

69. “Glistening golden sands of the beach, A lunch box for venomous crabs, Stormy waves dispatching sheets of salt, With metallic clangs on crab shell, Prompting elaborate spread of noxious tentacles, Temporary dislocating the gallant brown spider, Into well spun cocoons of slippery mud.”

70. “Good Morning Sunshine; thank you for filtering stringently through my dingily dilapidate window embedding optimistic rays of hope in my life.”

Out Of Salaciously Invidious Brutality Lingering Everywhere Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
Out Of Salaciously Invidious Brutality Lingering Everywhere Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Top Quotes Pictures From Nikhil Parekh

71. “Greed baselessly tyrannizes Selflessness is an Omnipotent fabric; which irrefutably transcends you above the resplendent heavens; to be the unequivocal favorite of the divine.”

72. “Greed horrendously massacres Selflessness is an Omnisciently miraculous ointment which heals the most bizarre wounds of the overwhelming rich and pathetically destitute; alike.”

73. “Greed indiscriminately penalizes Selflessness is the ultimate panacea; for uniting all innocuously harmonious; for centuries immemorial and alike.”

74. “Greed insidiously cripples Selflessness is a majestically flapping bird that hoists even the most devastatingly deprived making one perpetually realize his ultimate mission in destined life.”

75. “Greed lethally poisons Selflessness is a grandiloquently mesmerizing sky which relentlessly showers the blessings of the Almighty upon all philanthropically benign.”

76. “Greed maliciously obfuscates all truth Selflessness is the most Omnipresent harbinger of celestial peace unstoppably heading towards the paradise of scintillating success.”

77. “Greed manipulatively stagnates Selflessness is the most priceless core of enthralling existence; enlightening unassailable beams of hope; in all those dwellings miserably impoverished without optimism and light.”

78. “Greed pulverizes beyond recognition Selflessness is a unendingly radiating horizon which brilliantly sparkles all night and day with the rainbow of unconquerable righteousness.”

79. “Greed ruthlessly snatches Selflessness is the only road to everlasting prosperity treacherous with the scent of the bountifully bestowing soil.”

80. “Greed surreptitiously slaps Selflessness is an idol of unbelievable courage a tenacity that makes you fearlessly overcome even the most belligerently ominous impediments in pragmatic life.”

With Community Comes Friendship Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
With Community Comes Friendship Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Favorite Sayings Images From Nikhil Parekh

81. “Greed uncouthly divests Selflessness is a enchantingly silken flower which disseminates the true spirit of mankind to even the most infinitesimal parts of this fathomless globe.”

82. “Grow more trees; inhale unending mountains of gregariously fresh breath; into the jacket of your abominably pulverized and salaciously deteriorating lungs”

83. “Grow more trees; profoundly disseminate the essence of symbiotically majestic existence; to even the most remotely fathomless quarters of this gigantic Universe”

84. “How Omnipresently virile was the Seed; can truly be realized only in the treacherously forlorn and ludicrously obsolete; graveyards of infertility,”

85. “How could you ever call a miserly auto rickshaw an aircraft; Just because it increased its speed to a threadbare maximum; every once in a while?”

86. “How dare did you ever tHink tHat sHe was notHing else but a tHorn of disdainfully crippling infertility and diabolically impotent?”

87. “How does it matter even if I was gruesomely uncivilized in my actions; not being able to eat with an array of glistening spoon and fork? As long as she was sitting beside me; entwining her fingers in mine to support me wherever I went.”

88. “How would the cave ever realize that it was entrenched with divinely peace; unless and until it witnessed the rambunctiously boisterous hustle-bustle of the city; the unruly mobs of different tribes fighting spuriously for blood; in the name of God?”

89. “However even if these tiny and inconspicuous little things didn’t make the slightest of impact on any of the animate world; they were definitely enough to metamorphose my life from one of gloom and constant despair; to enchanting paradise.”

90. “I brutally tore through the skin of the succulent watermelon, urged myself into the action of devouring blood red chunks of the fruit.”

With Experience Comes Maturity Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
With Experience Comes Maturity Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Motivating Sayings Images From Nikhil Parekh

91. “I chose a man slender and skinny.”

92. “I couldn’t take it back to her shadow; that same unbearably pugnacious shadow; which had so torturously broken it in the first place; trying to lambaste and invidiously overwhelm every shade of my celestial existence,”

93. “I cry with tenacity, wail in hysteria towards the sky, pray fervently, to bestow all existing with the sound of omnipresent happiness”

94. “I don’t blink to live; I live to blink; mischievously flirt with nubile maidens; trespassing through a carpet of ingratiating mysticism; and incredulous enthrallment”

95. “I executed each of my task meticulously as the clock indefatigably ticked; harmoniously carrying out all my duties of the day without the slightest of circumspection or bewilderment.”

96. “I filled the bathtub to the brim; with a solution of my crystalline tears, She entered; cleansed her blotted hands in the same; exited as phlegmatically as she had come.”

97. “I forever had hers and only her true support for me; even though none of the world and beyond; was ever mine.”

98. “I has just inhaled in a single draught of racy breath; and time had zipped past all those moments when I was seductively beautiful and young; like a flying tornado; faster than the speed of light.”

99. “I have undulating rash waves, i rise and fall with respect to placement of moon, i am peculiarly salty in taste,”

100. “I kept the swanky automobile in the delectably compact garage; shielding it from salaciously ogling eyes and acrimonious beams of sweltering Sunshine,”

You Were My First And Last Reflection In Life Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh
You Were My First And Last Reflection In Life Quotes Images By Nikhil Parekh

Popular Quotes Images From Nikhil Parekh

101. “I liked the way; in which a plethora of bamboo sticks were used to construct fortified enclosures for dwelling.”

102. “I never could imagine the silhouettes of her lips; the freckles prevalent in tandem on her face,”

103. “I wanted the speed of life to be like the majestically gliding eagle in the sky, When I envisaged about the harmony of thought; the blissful symmetry of existence.”

104. “I wanted to be like the aircraft with twin pairs of ivory wings, That hovered high in the sky for times immemorial; bereft of life yielding fuel.”

105. “I’d consider each reflection of mine; to be perpetually blessed.”

106. “If I perceived myself as a peacock; then I was indeed a pompous bird; blossoming my armory of vivacious feathers ingratiatingly towards the sky,”

107. “If a man wailed in a woman’s eclectically sensitive palms in his time of duress; felt their latent warmth as the most invincible fortress; even as the worst of hell descended on earth.”

108. “If overpowering your lover at every step; wholesomely and forever representing her entire personality like her ultimate bodyguard; is what makes her perpetually happy.”

109. “If the clouds showered gold instead of rain; man would incorporate his house with gigantic slabs of the same.”

110. “If the clouds showered gold instead of rain; marriages round the globe would occur in chambers of impeccable silk.”

Knowledgeable Sayings Images From Nikhil Parekh

111. “If the clouds showered gold instead of rain; people would be saved from the tyranny of monotonous work.”

112. “If there was water on clusters of scarlet rose; they would diffuse a blissful fragrance penetrating the claustrophobic environment with a reinvigorating aroma.”

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113. “If there was water on rampant flames of fire ominously rising up by the zipping second; the occupants inside would be saved from the tyranny of being burnt alive.”

114. “If there was water on the scorched soil of arid desert; the surrounding wildlife would get substantial reprieve from sweltering storms of heat.”

115. “If there was water on the surface of dry leaves; they would look superbly mesmerizing; glistening profoundly under the Sun.”

116. “If there was water on vegetables lying sprawled in a forlorn heap; they would bounce back to boisterous life; retrieving the plethora of minerals they had lost in the blistering heat.”

117. “If you were going to drown her in the swirling and ferocious waves of the ocean after the whale overtoppled her boat; drown me to the bottom instead.”

118. “In order to repair the discarded aircraft; What was required was to refuel it with gasoline Strengthen its tapered wings.”

119. “In order to repair wholesome darkness prevailing on this earth; what was required was the omnipotent light of courage shining unrelentingly.”

120. “In the wings of the overwhelmingly zipping aircraft; I ecstatically felt as if I was being spell bindingly devoured; By a majestically volatile fervor to gallop resurgently; Throughout the tenure of my diminutively impoverished life.”

Renown Quotes Pictures By Nikhil Parekh

121. “It prompted patches of allergy to spread on skin, was resistant to the strongest of medicinal balm.”

122. “It took more than times ever perceivable to harness the spirit of love; spreading it like wildfire into the heart of every human being walking on this soil; every palpable entity gallivanting with a glimmer of hope in its eyes, And it took you just a minute to completely destroy its mesmerizing essence; leaving it no scope at all to flourish with all your killings; war and hostility.”

123. “It was a countless times better to die this very minute; than to suffer an infinite deaths of inanely meaningless infertility; an infinite times every unfurling instant of compassionately destined life,”

124. “It was a night in which we were going to be forever bonded in the oceans of conjugal bliss; it was a night which was going to be our very first wedding night.”

125. “It was as if someone had hurled tones of chili powder; and the interiors of my eye developed a severe red allergy.”

126. “It was only when you started to insatiably expect; that every stranger on the street would wholeheartedly smile; altruistically enshroud each dreary aspect of your beleaguered existence with unprecedented happiness, That it terribly hurt you; when he unsparingly abused you; excoriating you apart like inconspicuously frigid shit; for ostensibly no reason or plausible rhyme; instead.”

127. “Its appearance at maturity puristically flamboyant, mighty storm winds strike it with rebellious force.”

128. “Life in recluse was esoteric, Life in keyhole was inconspicuous.”

129. “Life is a timelessly unshakable victory of marvelously majestic honesty over the horrendously squelched web of disconcertingly malicious deceit”

130. “Life is a vivid rainbow; the more you profusely absorb it; the more it stupendously inundates your despicably collapsing existence; with an unsurpassable kaleidoscope; of beauty; color; and amiably charming humanity,”

Awesome Sayings Pictures By Nikhil Parekh

131. “Life is as sacrosanct as the Omnipotent Creator; go and wholesomely lead it.”

132. “Life means God Life means perennially unending Life means more.”

133. “Life without a purpose; is like a creeper growing up tall without a brick wall for support.”

134. “Like an infinite cold-blooded cauldrons of esoteric perversions; subjugating my nimble form.”

135. “Lit a lantern of love through every vein of my persona.”

136. “May this day forever bestow upon you bountiful riches, May this day forever bless you with all that is wholeheartedly benevolent, May this day forever reinforce your life with fathomless number of living years.”

137. “Millions of huMans on earth survived in harMony with Sunlight, thoroughly dependant on the first rays of dawn to start work, and pitch dark beaMs of the night to fall in a sedative trance, a blissfully refreshing, celestial sleep.”

138. “Moon lending extending hand such gravitational play folding currents massage passion even more.”

139. “Mothers overrules crippling brutality.”

140. “My Boss wanted me to dance to his tunes all day; sway instantaneously to the most minuscule of his commands and instructions.”

Creative Sayings Images From Nikhil Parekh

141. “My humble salutations to you O! Tantalizing Beloved; for so magnanimously tolerating my eccentrically esoteric repertoire of idiosyncrasies.”

142. “My job was to be the lantern of unparalleled optimism to each uncontrollably shivering form.”

143. “Neither was there anything more powerful than it; not even the most inanely dwindling iota of ubiquitously insuperable unity; could dare dream come near it,”

144. “Never ever enter into the brain of the elephant; or you’ll suddenly find yourself a lugubriously disoriented burden to earth; emanating an infinite groans to just alight your foot an inconspicuous inch from the soil.”

145. “Nobody on earth could live for you other than you yourself; in order to be an integral element of the drapery of this effervescent planet; and further embellish each step that you tread on with the spirit of immortal love,Then why do you keep weeping that you were all alone; when you had infact the most invincibly blessed company on earth to disseminate love; friendship and undying charm, which was by the Grace of God none other; but you yourself.”

146. “Not just an evanescent droplet; but an unlimited measure of my intricate personality; the boundless vacillations of moods that even the tiniest of my nerves; inevitably underwent.”

147. “Not of the most magnanimous reflections of sharing; the unconquerable shimmers of unity that remained alive even after sunset.”

148. “Nothing sidelining it; not even the most obfuscated ingredient of royalty attempting to devour its altruistically brilliant and impregnably sparkling integrity.”

149. “O! Yes; Be it any culture or even the most oblivious of dialect; the color of blood running in everybody’s veins was a poignant scarlet; so c’mon mates lets relinquish baseless discrimination forever, and immortally bond ourselves; in the everlastingly priceless HUMANITARIAN SECT.”

150. “O! yes after a tired day in the office; slaving more than 12 hours under my pretentious boss’s nose; the world outside seemed as if it was recreated again; and things which seemed like wholesomely dead in office hours; now struck me as if they were bouncing and alive; as if they had been just born.”

Legendary Quotes Images From Nikhil Parekh

151. “One day you will get more than what you could have ever perceived in the most wildest of your dreams; as you selflessly diffused the same; to all those brutally strangulated in the dormitories of unbelievably merciless agony. And that day was invincibly sure to come in yours and every benevolent entity’s life; so keep optimistically conceiving and working towards that day; don’t lose hope; don’t yet die.”

152. “One of the most adulated fruits at the vendor’s imperiously embellished establishment, Was the relished watermelon.”

153. “One shouldn’t clean more than necessary; as unsurpassable amount of cleaning; leads to scraping away the oils of nature; the rudiments of color which add loads of vibrancy to life.”

154. “Only through the eyes of soft empathy, can a child see its true reflection.”

155. “Out of mush-mushy candy floss romances which only led to shattering of the heart into infinite pieces.”

156. “Out of salaciously invidious brutality lingering everywhere.”

157. “Paving an esoteric pathway of your very own; which had never ever been replicated on this Universe before,”

158. “Playing hide and seek with me behind the bushes; as a complete stranger to even the most infinitesimal virtue; of my ardently esoteric demeanor”

159. “Save your life. Kill the smoke. Stamp the cigarette. Quick smoking forever.”

160. “She whispered to her friends to shoo me away; which they executed with supreme efficiency; pelting me with their shoes; and whatever rotten piece of junk that came across their hands.”

Meaningful Sayings Images By Nikhil Parekh

161. “Sincere of my efforts to keep awake all treacherously esoteric night; so that she snored in the aisles of invincibly heavenly paradise”

162. “So c’mon folks; get ready to celestially fulfill your every dream; get ready to take over the entire conventional planet for the cause of immortal love; get ready to transform this world once again into an enchanting paradise; but before you could do anything; get ready to look the devil in his eye; and say a big no.”

163. “Some married for just the dungeons of esoteric perversion; ruthlessly implementing the most sadistic of their fantasies upon their girl.”

164. “Somewhere in the midst of the mammoth ocean; there exists the preposterously huge whale.”

165. “Spontaneous ideas on existing life, Composed in a plethora of style and rhyme, Absorbing loads of talent and dedicated time, Spun meticulously with silent aggression, Unfolding a saga of true emotions”

166. “ThaT clean bowled The sTumps of ignominiously impeding inferTiliTy; in my criminally nonchalanT life,”

167. “The aircraft appeared astoundingly exhilarating when sighted on the Black tarmac; With twin pairs of majestic wings projecting from its sides, Lets make it even better by inhabiting the same; Soaring high in the sky; Abreast the satiny clouds.”

168. “The best thing that the diamond ring could do; was to amicably occupy a place on the engagement finger,”

169. “The best thing that the frog could do; was to gleefully skip around; croak discordantly to pollute the mystical ambience around.”

170. “The birds lived on suspended wind in atmosphere, the rock crevices hungrily gulped salty sea waves.”

Knowledgeable Sayings Images By Nikhil Parekh

171. “The body of chameleon changed color with surrounding foliage, its serrations stood erect when tickled by red brick, as it glared devilishly at innocuous bunch of radiating insects. I punctured its silhouette with needle arrow, captured more of its species with meticulous proficiency, adorned my slender neck with a garlands of dead chameleon.”

172. “The brown crusty surface of the desert soil, Can always be ploughed by hard turmoil.”

173. “The car lying dilapidated and burnt in the garage; were greedy to drink gallons of golden petrol, The eye gruesomely dry after the day’s work; were greedy to drink a bottle of tears.”

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174. “The entire ocean with its boundless number of volcanic waves; the infinite assemblage of salty liquid proved to be absolutely useless.”

175. “The farmer works, the bull cries loud, For all they want is a rain yielding cloud. The desert’s shrub though green in color, Will attract scores of rain yet to come, For mere fulfillment of the empty drum.”

176. “The footsteps of brutality were as feeble as miserly soot crumbling and deplorably squandering into an infinite bits.”

177. “The fortress of immortal love; not only invincibly defending the most sacred manifestations of eternal romance; but perpetually ensuring that they blissfully gallivanted in corridors of unfettered yearning.”

178. “The highways of sadistically unending brutality were gustily inundated with an infinite dividers of limited indiscriminate and tyrannically lambasting hatred.”

179. “The key to blissful relaxation; was easing cumbersome tensions from the brain; reinvigorating it with perfume.”

180. “The light emanating from the moon was an immaculate white. subtly illuminating the darkness of the night.”

Inspiring Sayings Images By Nikhil Parekh

181. “The light emitting from the sky was sapphire blue; with blissful tinges of golden, Although the same was sighted as ominously black; with the thunder clouds hovering around.”

182. “The light originating from the stars was silvery in complexion; besieging the ambiance with an enchanting mysticism, Although when came the next morning there was no sign of the light as well as the galaxy of prominent stars.”

183. “The moment was to have several rounds of heartiest congratulations and best wishes all around; with tears of celestial happiness rolling down the cheeks.”

184. “The most embarrassing moment for an electrician was when he insipidly handed live current wires in the hands of his customer; instead of giving them the compactly molded switch.”

185. “The most priceless thing that my mother could ever have bequeathed upon me; was her unconditional support and compassion; even in my times of acrimoniously devastating survival.”

186. “The mountain which abhorrently cries while defending; can never evolve into symbiotically unflinching and peerlessly unassailable unity.”

187. “The peacock under pelting rain had never seemed so majestic before; with the kingly plumage of its feathers captivating me in complete mind, body and soul,”

188. “The poem had a perpetual liaisoning with enigmatically esoteric verse; culminating superbly into unfettered rhyme.”

189. “The rain was uninhibitedly untamed; and so was my new born baby daughter; kicking left; right and center; in her diminutively blessed cradle.”

190. “The rejuvenating salty water which ejects when we slice its body; does it come to realize that it is indeed beautiful.”

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191. “The salty froth of the ocean slapping us tenderly on our cheeks; with the exquisite backdrop of the sun setting in evanescent horizon.”

192. “The sparrows chirped enchanting rhymes in unison, hoisted fine threads of bamboo sticks to their place of dw elling”

193. “The tunnel of darkness; temporarily dislocated you; propelling you to stumble towards the ground as you frantically tried to gauge your gloomy surroundings, Whereas the tunnel of crime stretched beyond realms of infinite infinity; with the only end being your hedonistically distorted corpse..”

194. “There was a time I had insatiable craving for exquisite food; irrevocably longed for fried steak all day.”

195. “There was nothing as pricelessly humanitarian; as home; sweet home.”

196. “There was only one door in the entire Universe; Which still had perennially unassailable light; There was only one door which still harbored one and all irrespective of caste; Creed and spurious religion alike; O! yes it was indeed a door; Which irrefutably led to the Omnisciently sacred feet of Almighty Lord.”

197. “These were the same hands that perpetually entwined with his in applause and congratulations; everytime he emerged humanitarianly triumphant; amongst a pack of asphyxiating worldly wild wolves,”

198. “Think about the endless odes of blissful love that she’d receive; amidst the philanthropically synergistic members of your unceasingly caring family”

199. “To emulate an elephant was very easy; as all you had to do was inflate your persona like a colossal gas balloon; tread triumphantly on the soil of the jungle as the largest organism existing in the rampant outgrowths.”

200. “To get out of the flying aircraft; I used a buoyant parachute to blissfully cascade down on the verdant and perpetually green lawns.”

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201. “Too mysterious is too bad; as it imprisons a boundless myriad of explosive emotions deep within the fast diminishing soul.”

202. “Watermelon. A delightfully rounded ball of wondrous green exterior; that rolled with unparalleled fervor upon any friction less surface; with the tiniest of thrust”

203. “Welcomed you with the most everlasting embrace of its swishing arms.”

204. “Whatever magically potent and proliferating; or the most tautologically destructive battlefields of egregiously evaporating infertility; on the mist of this gigantically undefeated Universe,”

205. “When I cuddled the furry skin of the striped leopard, I experienced overwhelming courage acting as my companion.”

206. “When I drank water in a glass of pure bamboo; the liquid looked glistening and mesmerizing under the sun.”

207. “When I needed just lavishness; I perhaps sought the company of my whimsical grandfather the most, as he could virtually lay every priceless gift of the Universe at my feet, at even the tiniest of my babyishly false cry.”

208. “When I pricked bubbles generated by the ravishing sea waves; salty foam struck me stringently in my face,”

209. “When I pricked minuscule bubbles of soap emanating from the bathtub; a pungent spray flew in my eyes, It was as if someone had hurled tones of chili powder; and the interiors of my eye developed a severe red allergy.”

210. “When I scrupulously passed high school; passing with exorbitant marks in a plethora of subjects, The surreal days of childhood; now an evanescent memory of the past, They asked me the arenas I was going to specialize; trying to decode my aptitude towards life.”

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211. “When I spoke to the taxi driver; my tone was rustic and wandering; instructing him to drift me deep into the hills; poignantly embrace the winds of nature.”

212. “When I was chased by a striped leopard in dense camouflage of the jungle, There was an overwhelming craving to clamber up the tree; and hide in the myriad of branches.”

213. “When i feel exhausted with mounting tasks of the day, clothes soaked wet in pools of dripping sweat, i suspend my feet in salty water of the ferocious sea.”

214. “When i fly in the aircraft at unsurpassable heights from ground The flight steward serves tall beer mugs of juice I feel like floating in blue air of the bare sky With my body strapped firmly to chords of parachute.”

215. “When i greedily gulped saline water from sea waves fresh centers of thirst got doubly stimulated wild freckles of red rash encompassed my lips,”

216. “When my fingers swell with incessant clinging to fountain pen, Mental imagery fluctuates in relation to school text load, I massage both palms vigorously with herbal turmeric balm.”

217. “When the clouds in the cosmos wanted to have some fun; they clashed playfully against each other; fomenting heavenly droplets of liquid to tumble down in rhapsodic frenzy.”

218. “When we fell in love all I could sight in her belly was the ultimate shivers of unparalleled seduction whilst at the same time all that she flagrantly saw in mine was nothing else but the aristocratic paste and beads of sandalwood that rose and fell with each of my breath.”

219. “When we fell in love all I could sight in her eyes was profoundly compassionate innocence whilst at the same time all that she raunchily saw in mine was nothing else but the umpteenth reflections of palaces brilliantly lit in lamps of gold.”

220. “When we fell in love all I could sight in her feet was intrinsically poignant and intricate wrinkles of adventure whilst at the same time all that she tawdrily saw in mine was nothing else but the golden dust adhering to the soles which I’d inadvertently carried from my treasuries of gold.”

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221. “When we fell in love all I could sight in her lips was wondrously unbridled passion whilst at the same time all that she unthinkably saw in mine was nothing else but the remnants of the unfathomably costly royal fruit sticking to its nimble contours.”

222. “When we fell in love all I could sight in her palms was every infinitesimal line of my destiny whilst at the same time all that she licentiously saw in mine was nothing else but the royal triangles squares islands of infinite wealth prosperity and fame.”

223. “When you were in dazzling light of the celestial sun; you acquired a distinctive tan, Coating your supple face with profound lines of black; inundating your skin with yellow freckles.”

224. “When you were malevolently assassinated by indiscriminately tyrannical whiplashes of spuriously racial discrimination; just utter the impregnably bountiful and grandiloquent word called; unity.”

225. “Whenever it Wanted to deliriously embrace the apocalypses of invidious infertility,”

226. “While a maelstrom of unendingly romantic titillation; a world eternally tranquil freedom, was the bedsheet of the miraculously everlasting night.”

227. “While the silver streamed aircraft swished like a rocket through space, but resonated like a dying man nose-dived towards the earth; as streaks of turbulent lightning struck it unexpectedly.”

228. “Whilst I introduced myself as a hopelessly devastated and irretrievable loser in every commercial aspect of life; but nevertheless and solely as the Son of my unconquerably Omnipotent and eternally compassionate mother.”

229. “With an enclosure of crystal sequestering the same, While I fantasized about plunging into stormy waves of the ocean; relishing the scent of salty spray.”

230. “With community; comes friendship.”

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231. “With experience; comes maturity.”

232. “With the prolific winds of change taking an optimistic stranglehold on the brutality of the previous day.”

233. “You had the power to stare at your own reflection in the mirror for unbelievable hours on the trot.”

234. “You simply couldn’t hide ribald maelstroms of vindictive misery in your esoteric brain; just by nonchalantly entrenching it by insurmountably gigantic triangular straw hats,”

235. “You were my first and last reflection in life.”

236. “You were the ones who safeguarded me like a formidable fortress; taking the brunt of the murderously acrimonious world; directly on your shivering chests.”

237. “You’re a rainbow of vivaciously versatile diversity propelling me to intransigently discover and explore the unfathomably wonderful beauty of this sacrosanct planet.”

238. “Your skin turned crimson red; with infinite patches in your neck developing disdainful allergy.”