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1. “A paranoid individual’s characteristic problems with appearance, speech, thought, behavior, mood, insight, judgement, and intrelligence when taken together trace recognizable pattern called the mental status.”

2. “Depressed paranoid individuals may use what they believe to be positive changes in their appearance to compensate for feeling defective.”

3. “In some paranoid individuals the changes in appearance resemble those found in individuals who are depressed.”

4. “In some paranoid individuals the signs of change in appearance that occur are subtle.”

5. “Paranoid individuals like individuals who are depressed feel pessimistic due to the belief that they will never have any sort of life.”

In Some Paranoid Individuals The Signs Of Change In Appearance That Occur Are Subtle Quotes Images By Martin Kantor
In Some Paranoid Individuals The Signs Of Change In Appearance That Occur Are Subtle Quotes Images By Martin Kantor