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1. “After your breakup, go through life slowly and stay true to what you need in each moment.”

2. “Keep moving. Exercise will make you feel better. It’s a fact. Do not rush into being a superwoman at the gym or joining a team to run a marathon right after the breakup.”

3. “Usually right after the initial sting of the breakup, you’re not going to be very hungry. You won’t have an appetite and may drop a few pounds. I call it the breakup body.”

4. “When things aren’t going your way, like during this breakup, you must fight for your own happiness. If you keep looking on the outside for validation, especially from a man, you will lose.”

5. “You can’t change the past. It was what it was, and we learn and grow from our experiences so next time we’re better equipped to make self-honoring choices.”

6. “You’ll slowly start seeing life beyond the breakup, and eventually life wont be about the breakup at all.”

After Your Breakup Go Through Life Slowly And Stay True To What You Need In Each Moment Quotes Images By Lesley Robins
After Your Breakup Go Through Life Slowly And Stay True To What You Need In Each Moment Quotes Images By Lesley Robins