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Meaningful Sayings Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

1. “A calm soul is a heavenly being. Live each day with ecstatic serenity.”

2. “A divine great spirit put awe-words on my mind; my sacred-duty is the writing.”

3. “A friend is someone who will always be there for you, in good and hard times.”

4. “A new heaven is new heart with new spirit.”

5. “A prayer and positive affirmation are the keys for a divine intervention in any situation.”

6. “A student must be humbled to trained by teacher.”

7. “A willing spirit, a determined effort.”

8. “Accept hardship as a necessary discipline.”

9. “Adversity tests the limit of your strength.”

10. “All the material wealth cannot be substituted for the spiritual, physical, emotion and mental well-being.”

Capture The Sacred Moment Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
Capture The Sacred Moment Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Favorite Sayings Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

11. “Any advice which does not lead to self-improvement is misleading.”

12. “Any moment which is not captured is lost in the events of time.”

13. “Appreciate the sacred life you have, it is a gift from God.”

14. “At dawn of light, all darkness disappears.”

15. “Be careful your footsteps do not stumble by the stumbling stone.”

16. “Be daring to push your ideas forward.”

17. “Be grateful for the grace of a new day.”

18. “Beyond the limit of pain, it is longer painful.”

19. “Blessed is he who takes off his filthy garment, to put on a new clean robe.”

20. “Bright New Year for a blessed beginning.”

Gratitude Is Joyful Act Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
Gratitude Is Joyful Act Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Top Quotes Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

21. “Build a strong faith in God through daily commitment in reading and obeying God’s word.”

22. “By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do what needs to be done.”

23. “Capture every moments of your life.”

24. “Capture the moment. It is your only sacred-memory.”

25. “Capture the sacred moment.”

26. “Celebrate your day of birth as special day. Make a specific birthday wishes and write it down. You will be amazed about the power of pen and inner strength to accomplish the wishes. This will be a special gift for yourself on each birthday.”

27. “Celebrate your own life, you are your own light”

28. “Chase your dreams with all your strength, soul and spirit.”

29. “Choose positive attitude over a negative attitude.”

30. “Clean communities, healthy citizens.”

Let Your Necklace Be Love Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
Let Your Necklace Be Love Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Revolutionary Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

31. “Compete with no man but thyself. Always seek opportunities to improve upon your best performance.”

32. “Confidence, courage and determined spirit are vital for surviving hard times.”

33. “Cruelty is lack of courage.”

34. “Daily mediate and affirm the Scriptures; your mind and soul will be filled with pure thoughts.”

35. “Daily mediation is a healthy spiritual exercise.”

36. “Daily mediation on the Holy Scriptures is a spiritual act.”

37. “Dare to courageous in life.You have nothing to lose.”

38. “Dare to dream. Dare to reach beyond the stars.”

39. “Daring a greater life is a divine act.”

40. “Daring soul has five diaries; gratitude, work, inspirational, prayer and language diaries.”

Life Is A Gracious Gift Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
Life Is A Gracious Gift Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Great Quotes Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

41. “Desire for books, desire to read.”

42. “Discouragement is root of distress.”

43. “Divine self exist in love, in faith and in purity.”

44. “Do not doubt thyself, have faith in thy soul.”

45. “Do not ever get agitated by provoking thoughts and actions. Always keep your calm. This will shame the alien.”

46. “Do not fear the unknown, dare to be adventurous in life.”

47. “Do not just exist, be fully awake.”

48. “Do not rush in the ride of life.”

49. “Do not exchange your soul for money.”

50. “Do the job for the joy of work.”

Quiet Mind Quiet Soul Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
Quiet Mind Quiet Soul Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Notable Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

51. “Don’t allow the circumstances to stop you from pursuing your passion.”

52. “Don’t be discouraged by life’s difficulties. With hope and determination, you can triumph over any difficulties.”

53. “Doubt is the limit of progress.”

54. “Each new day brings new opportunities. You have to search to be able to find these opportunities.”

55. “Emancipation of mind is the greatest liberty.”

56. “Embrace each new day with great expectations.”

57. “Embrace every new day with gratitude, hope and love.”

58. “Embrace the sacredness of a new day.”

59. “Environmental cleanliness begins with each individual desire to be clean.”

60. “Every New Year brings its sacred blessings.”

Singing Diminishes Sorrow Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
Singing Diminishes Sorrow Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Notable Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

61. “Every action today will define the future.”

62. “Every adversity brings new experiences and new lessons.”

63. “Every challenge makes us to humble our selves. We learn to know and depend on our Creator.”

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64. “Every day is divine. If you seek the sacred treasure you will find it.”

65. “Every difficulty draws us toward a higher power than ourselves.”

66. “Every difficulty is an opportunity for personal growth.”

67. “Every difficulty requires new strategy to overcome it.”

68. “Every fresh morning brings freshness of sacred-being.”

69. “Every great accomplishments requires great grace and great enthusiasm.”

70. “Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.”

The Change Is For A Cause Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
The Change Is For A Cause Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Inspirational Sayings Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

71. “Every great achiever nurtures a positive mindset.”

72. “Every great warrior must learn to endure and overcome the adversities of life.”

73. “Every greed is the root of un-gratefulness.”

74. “Every house is built by a man. But Maker is the Builder of life.”

75. “Every limitation must be overcome to realised the goal.”

76. “Every man is capable of fulfilling his mission.”

77. “Every morning is a fresh breath and blessings.”

78. “Every new day brings new adoration and new adventure.”

79. “Every new day gives me ceaseless hope to reach out for my dreams”

80. “Every new day is a dawn of a new divine order.”

The Divine Moment Is Holy Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
The Divine Moment Is Holy Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Best Sayings Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

81. “Every new day is a sacred gift with new sacred grace.”

82. “Every new day is the dawn of a new grace.”

83. “Every new day, I reach out to the best of myself by grace.”

84. “Every new morning gives fresh hope, for great is the mercy of the new day”

85. “Every problem is a new puzzle to solve.”

86. “Every struggle you overcome, will build the strength of your spirit.”

87. “Every success won is a motivation to the next level of success.”

88. “Everyday life, everyday miracle.”

89. “Everyone must be given the opportunity to think, read and write.”

90. “Explore the timeless wonders of life.”

You Can Flourish By Faith Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
You Can Flourish By Faith Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Wise Sayings Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

91. “Failure is only a temporary fall. You must rise up any time you fall.”

92. “Faith is timeless possibility.”

93. “Find a vocation and passionately commit your life to it.”

94. “Focus on your strength and maximum its potential.”

95. “For every great success, diligence is desirable from the beginning to the very end.”

96. “Freedom is will-power to define my path.”

97. “Giving is the key to living life of abundance blessings.”

98. “God loves cleanliness. The environment must be kept clean.”

99. “God use times of adversity to revive the spirit of every man.”

100. “Godliness is the root of cleanliness.”

You Can Survive Any Shock Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita
You Can Survive Any Shock Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

Best Quotes Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

101. “Good deeds are seeds of generosity.”

102. “Good hygiene enhanced sound well-being.”

103. “Good well-being leads to good working performance.”

104. “Good well-being promotes good productivity.”

105. “Gracious self is the divinity within.”

106. “Gracious words refresh, restore and revive the soul.”

107. “Gracious words revived our spirit and restored our soul.”

108. “Gratitude gives infinite fullness of life.”

109. “Gratitude is infinite praise.”

110. “Gratitude is joyful act.”

Short Sayings Images From Lailah Gifty Akita

111. “Gratitude is the spirit of graceful sacred-existence.”

112. “Great achievement requires personal force, determined spirit and self-confidence.”

113. “Great team can accomplish great works.”

114. “Hang on! God will be thy strength in any act of your pursuit.”

115. “Happiness is a state of mental,physical and spiritual well-being. Think pleasantly,engaged sport and read daily to enhance your well-being.”

116. “Hard times lifts the seeking souls to higher spiritual realms.”

117. “Hard times prepare us for hopeful future.”

118. “Hardship is meant to modify heartless of man to make feel in the flesh as soft being.”

119. “He who can endure the worst can withstand any thing.”

120. “Hold fast to your faith. Keep your hope in the Lord. Embrace the love of God.”

Aesthetic Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

121. “Holy moment is a sacred existence.”

122. “Holy Scriptures; the precious promise of God.”

123. “Hope can keep you alive in the midst of the turbulence.”

124. “Hope is a gracious expectation.”

125. “How can we succeed, if we never try? It is only by trying that we can reach greater heights.”

126. “How gracious to forgive the people who hurt you.”

127. “Https: quotes tag loss-of-a-cHild”

128. “Human complexity can be conquered with calmness.”

129. “I am redeemed and saved by grace.”

130. “I had no plans of any destination. I wish to flow like a river.”

Top Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

131. “I have enough patient to wait for the fulfillment of my wishes.”

132. “If I had not try and taken chances, I would have miss many opportunities in life.”

133. “If people begin to be more grateful, they will see the wonders of life.”

134. “If you are daring, no one can stop you.”

135. “If you believe in yourself, you can achieve your desired dream.”

136. “If you fail an examination, it means you have not yet mastered the subject. With diligent study and understanding, you will succeed in passing the exams.”

137. “If you fail, never give up. Keep trying, you will succeed.”

138. “If you need more power, you must pray more.”

139. “If you repent today, your tomorrows may be far better than your yesterdays.”

140. “Ignore self doubt and inner conflict. Dwell on positive thoughts.”

Aesthetic Quotes Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

141. “In any situation, there is a sacred solution.”

142. “In every step you take, keep your feet firmly on the ground.”

143. “In quietness we find inner peace.”

144. “In the midst of the disappointment, we find faith as an anchor!”

145. “In the moment of quietness, my strength re-energized.”

146. “In the storm’s of life, you can survive by grace, faith and hope.”

147. “In the wilderness, we experience the faithfulness of God.”

148. “In times of your need, you will know those who really love you.”

149. “Increased physical activity enhances positive energy”

150. “It does not matter how long it takes to reach the goal. With persistent focus, commitment and enthusiasm, you will make it a reality.”

Wise Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

151. “It is a duty of every citizen to pray for those who are authority and the nation; so that each one of us may live a peaceful and quiet lives in sacredness.”

152. “It is better to be kind than be impolite.”

153. “It is better to engaged you mind on positive thoughts.”

154. “It is better to have a tender than harden human heart.”

155. “It is easy to give up than to endure. Always choose the latter.”

156. “It is gracious to have old people full of vitality and endowed with wisdom in our society.”

157. “It is gracious to overlook and offence.”

158. “It is great to do what you love but greater with the great team.”

159. “Jesus Christ is the Father of Fatherless.”

160. “Joyful morning, good morning, good day.”

Great Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

161. “Keep calm and keep learning.”

162. “Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. No matter how slows it may seems, stay focus, you will get to the finish line.”

163. “Keep moving, no matter how slow you move, you will definitely arrive at your destination.”

164. “Keep moving forward in the power of thy might.”

165. “Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. No matter how slows it may seems, stay focus, you will get to the finish line.”

166. “Keep the faith. The vision is always for the appointed time. Be patient, prayerful and wait for the fulfillment of your visions.”

167. “Keep the goal in mind and push onward to accomplish it.”

168. “Keep trying and never give up. The dream may seem difficult to reach at some point but never let go of your dream. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish when you stay determined.”

169. “Keep your heart and mind steady on your dreams. Ask God for guidance and wisdom to help you fulfill your dreams.”

170. “Know what you want and reach out eagerly for it.”

Philosophical Sayings Images From Lailah Gifty Akita

171. “Lack of courage leads to cruelty.”

172. “Let us embrace the coming year with a living hope for everyday life.”

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173. “Let your limitation fuel your determination to work on your strengths.”

174. “Let your necklace be love.”

175. “Life holds timeless fortunes for you.”

176. “Life is a divine adventure.”

177. “Life is a game. We must keep playing the game. The more we play, the more we will understand the game of life.”

178. “Life is a gracious gift.”

179. “Life is about obeying laws, it begins with observing the divine laws.”

180. “Life is gracious sacred-breathe.”

Motivational Quotes Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

181. “Life is holy endured faith.”

182. “Life-ahead is timeless fortune.”

183. “Living in filth is dark doom. The light of awaken leads to cleanliness.”

184. “Look onwards to what lies ahead.”

185. “Lose of hope leads to discouragement.”

186. “Love is always fresh as morning dew.”

187. “Love your body. Exercise for 10-15 minutes daily.”

188. “Love, care and treasure the elderly people in the society.”

189. “Lover of books, lover of knowledge.”

190. “Mankind has a divine duty, to be stewardship of the natural resources.”

Short Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

191. “Mankind must learn to coexist with each other to create a peaceful world.”

192. “Mankind must live in a harmony with one another in order to have a peaceful world.”

193. “Many great people have experience some kind of failure. They build on the lessons from failing to become great”

194. “May the Lord strengthen you for every great work.”

195. “May we greet each other with a smile, hug and speak kind words.”

196. “May you find grace to do what needs to be done.”

197. “May you find grace to overcome self-doubt.”

198. “May you find the courage to be grateful for every circumstance.”

199. “May you find the strength of will and the grace of endurance to overcome every challenge.”

200. “Mediation on the Holy Scriptures, awakens our mind on Christ Jesus.”

Notable Quotes Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

201. “Mediation on the Scriptures will renew your mind.”

202. “Mediation on the scriptures transforms our lives.”

203. “Mediation on word of God leads to renewal of mind; rekindle of spirit and revival of soul.”

204. “Mistakes are experiences. Without these experiences, there is no learning.”

205. “My first thought in the morning is thanksgiving.”

206. “My mentors inspired and encourage to fulfill my highest potential.”

207. “My spirit thirst for the living water.”

208. “Neither compares nor competes.”

209. “Never abandon widows, widowers and orphans.”

210. “Never allow impatience to prevent you for reaching your full potential.”

Wise Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

211. “Never allow opinions of others to disturb your inner tranquillity.”

212. “Never be afraid to wish for what you really want in life. Wishes are possible manifestation of thoughts.”

213. “Never believe all that you hear. Always verify the original source of information.”

214. “Never give in to the obstacles that lie in your path towards the achievement of your dreams.”

215. “Never mind those failures till yesterday. Each new day is a sequel of a wonderful life; gifted with hopes to succeed.”

216. “New day, new hopes, new life!”

217. “No experience is wasted. It is the stepping stones for a great success.”

218. “No matter how bad the situation, do not lose heart.”

219. “Nothing can replace confidence and single-minded pursuit of purpose.”

220. “Nothing can replace your time and your strength.”

Favorite Sayings Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

221. “Nothing great was ever achieved without a personal sacrifice. You have to pay the price to realize your goals.”

222. “Nurture your great spirit for a great self.”

223. “Only hardship softens the hardness of the human heart.”

224. “Our sins are our downfall. We must repent and return to the Lord. And He will receive and forgive us graciously.”

225. “Our true self is being who we are.”

226. “Our wishes are endless. God gives the best of the wishes.”

227. “Passion for knowledge, motivation for continuous learning.”

228. “Positive mindset, positive self-image and positive attitude are the best-habits to nurture.”

229. “Positive thoughts revive the spirit, restore the soul and make the body healthy.”

230. “Pursue great things. You are destiny for greatness.”

Renown Sayings Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

231. “Quiet mind, quiet soul.”

232. “Reach with all your heart to your divine-dreams.”

233. “Read good books to improve yourself.”

234. “Read the Scripture to renew your mind. Mediate on the Scripture to nourish your soul. Affirm the Scripture to revive your spirit.”

235. “Reading refreshes as well as renews the mind.”

236. “Rebirth is neither born of blood nor flesh or human origin. But born of God.”

237. “Rejoice and be glad all you who hope in the Lord.”

238. “Rejoice and be glad, you have life, the greatest gift.”

239. “Rejoice while you have breath.”

240. “Rekindle the fire in your spirit.”

Favorite Quotes Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

241. “Relax and refuse to let worry and stress rule your life. There is always a solution to every problem. Things will work out for you when you take time to relax, refresh, restore and recharge your soul.”

242. “Renew your mind every morning with pure thoughts.”

243. “Rest and your energy will be restored.”

244. “Rise in great might to fulfill your special specific mission.”

245. “Sadness grieves the spirit. But sorrow refines soul.”

246. “Seek the miracles in sacred moment.”

247. “Set a daily solitude time for reflection and rethinking.”

248. “Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life.”

249. “Sharing life brings the greatest joy.”

250. “Sin contaminates our lives. Holiness purifies our lives.”

Wise Quotes Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

251. “Singing diminishes sorrow.”

252. “Singing hymns brings healing to the heart.”

253. “So often we quit on the first failure. We must persistent long enough to achieve success.”

254. “Soap never cleans the stain of sin. Only the blood of the blameless Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ can wash the stain of sin to be made as white as snow.”

255. “Soar your wings high in the heavenly sky.”

256. “Stop reliance on human effort. Seek divine power.”

257. “Summer brings sunshine, warm and flowering.”

258. “Take the challenge of your life. Reach out to your goals. There is no limit to what you can achieve.”

259. “Thanksgiving is a nice thought.”

260. “The Holy Bible is the greatest book.”

Renown Quotes Images From Lailah Gifty Akita

261. “The Holy Spirit empowers us to achieve our God-given goals.”

262. “The beauty of a bright new day!”

263. “The behaviour and attitude of another person’s towards you reflect their state of inner self and mindset.”

264. “The birth of a child is a joy to the parent and the world.”

265. “The birth of a child is divine miracle.”

266. “The brevity of life is grace to walk on your own path.”

267. “The certainty within our spirit made the dream reality.”

268. “The change is for a cause.”

269. “The circumstances surrounding your birth is not as important as the opportunity to live life.”

270. “The day of birth is a sacred day.”

Wise Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

271. “The deeds and motive of man define his personality.”

272. “The divine force within you is mightier than any mountain.”

273. “The divine moment is holy.”

274. “The doom of destruction is the snare of sin.”

275. “The excitement of dreams coming true is beyond the description of words.”

276. “The fear of God is safe haven.”

277. “The gift of the Sabbath must be treasured. Blessed are you who honour this day.”

278. “The gift of today is a sacred-blessing.”

279. “The glory of the elderly is their insight to life.”

280. “The grace,faith,love and power of God will uplift you to greater heights.”

Beautiful Quotes Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

281. “The graveyard is the everlasting home of every man.”

282. “The greatest fulfillment, personal development.”

283. “The greatest loss is the lost of life.”

284. “The heart in every human is the sacred love.”

285. “The holy time establish the holy-event.”

286. “The individual great spirit and great efforts create a great team.”

287. “The instinct, quiet inner voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit.”

288. “The limitations in life do not necessary limit you.”

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289. “The longer the waiting, the longer the wondering.”

290. “The more we serve, the more strength, we receive to keep the good deeds.”

Motivational Sayings Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

291. “The paradox of life; everyone desire a fuller life. But no one wishes to increase in age.”

292. “The paradox of relaxation is the renewal of mind; rekindle of spirit and revitalize of strength.”

293. “The path of light is self awaken.”

294. “The pleasure of reading is the greatest solitude.”

295. “The power of the pen is landmark of life.”

296. “The power of waiting is gracious.”

297. “The present defines the future. The future builds on the foundation of the past.”

298. “The present is a great treasure, live in the present.”

299. “The sacred-souls of authors are displayed in the beauty of their books.”

300. “The soul is renewed through tough times.”

Deep Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

301. “The spark of divinity is sacred spirit with divine soul.”

302. “The strength of every individual is the grace for great work.”

303. “The strength of individual greatness makes a great team.”

304. “The strength of will is the grace of survival.”

305. “The strength within us comes from God.”

306. “The strength within you, divine soul, can survive any situation.”

307. “The three great pillars of life; hope, faith and love. The greatest is love.”

308. “The truest knowledge is to know thy Creator and thy self.”

309. “The victory over our inner self is a daily struggle. Be strong and do not give up.”

310. “The wilderness is a place of an encounter with the creator.”

Inspirational Sayings Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

311. “The will of God is good, acceptable and perfect.”

312. “The word of God gives us timeless hope.”

313. “There are moments of frustration in life. You must build good relations to support you in these moments. You must also learn to encourage yourself and decide to stay determined in life.”

314. “There exists a sacred strength for every great accomplishment.”

315. “There is an end to every journey.”

316. “There is an end to every journey. Even life will come to an end one moment in time.”

317. “There is an overflowing grace, for every great work.”

318. “There is a rise after every fall.”

319. “There is beauty and power in unity. We must be united in heart and mind. One world, one people.”

320. “There is divinity in the clouds.”

Best Sayings Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

321. “There is hope for every man to return to his Maker.”

322. “There is no limit to positive affirmations.”

323. “There is no limit to what you can do,when you focus on your strength.”

324. “There is no pause in life, the moment we pause, we stop living.”

325. “There is no sorrow, when singing.”

326. “There is nothing to lose by trying. Define new ways of doing things. Never underestimate the power of an action.”

327. “There would be a time, when you will ask for nothing but life.”

328. “The Scriptures are words of great encouragement.”

329. “Think you can and you can do it. Your thoughts are your life.”

330. “Three essential keys faith, hope and love will open the heavens door.”

Aesthetic Sayings Pictures From Lailah Gifty Akita

331. “Three essential virtues are patient, loyalty and kindness.”

332. “Three great actions; explore, experiment and experience.”

333. “To be awake is the refreshness of being.”

334. “To live in peace is gracious.”

335. “Treasure the wisdom of old age. Learn from elder people and be wise.”

336. “True love is deep spiritual affection.”

337. “Try to pause each day and take a walk to view nature.”

338. “Use your imagination to create your beautiful life.”

339. “Walking in close fellowship with God is a spiritual self.”

340. “We all make mistakes, everybody should be given a second-chance.”

Short Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

341. “We are never old with the strength of the spirit, although the body may fail.”

342. “We are only failures in life when give up and stop trying.If you fail, get up and try again.”

343. “We can achieve our goals either by human effort or by the power of God. The dependence on God’s power is the best choice.”

344. “We can find a new hope every new day and every New Year.”

345. “We can graciously survive life by faith.”

346. “We can help the next generation, with the stories we write today.”

347. “We can only reach the highest height, if we encourage each other.”

348. “We can serve humanity with our divine passions and gifted skills.”

349. “We dance to rekindle the soul.”

350. “We must dare to rise above the obstacles on our path.”

Legendary Quotes Pictures By Lailah Gifty Akita

351. “We must graciously endure the times.”

352. “We thrive with thankfulness.”

353. “We travel to see beautiful places and to meet great souls.”

354. “What you decide to be today, you will become tomorrow.”

355. “What you learn is your personal treasure. No one can take it away from you.”

356. “What you pray for today, will be manifest tomorrow.”

357. “What you want is within reach. Go for it.”

358. “Whatever lies in the soul, can never be stolen.”

359. “Whatever you dream of, be bold and pursue it.”

360. “When the expected occurred, never panic, by keep calming, you gain control over the situation.”

Wise Quotes Images By Lailah Gifty Akita

361. “When the goal seems difficult to reach, take a break but never give up.”

362. “When we have graciously endured every adversity, we become like a shining diamond.”

363. “When you appreciate the blessings in life, your soul rejoices.”

364. “When you arrive at the destination, never forget where the journey began.”

365. “When you believe, incredible things happen. You set divine forces into motion.”

366. “When you focus on the journey, you will be blessed with guardian angels to direct your path.”

367. “When you think positively, you attract divine forces for a positive lifestyle.”

368. “While you wait for your dream job, you can engage yourself with the available job.”

369. “Whoever has the courage to walk in the dark, share experience the dawn of light in a new day.”

370. “With adequate planning, passion and perseverance, you can achieve the God-given goals.”

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371. “With hope, we can endure any hardship.”

372. “With inner strength, the soul can be still in the storm.”

373. “With persistent prayer, the desired wish shall be fulfilled.”

374. “Without an anchor, we can be drifted to any shore.”

375. “Womanhood is a flourishing flower.”

376. “Work hard and wait for the fulfillment of future events.”

377. “Write your dreams in journal,note book, card or on a cork. When you pen down your dreams, an a inner strength and divine power is activated for your to work towards the fulfillment of your dreams.”

378. “You act in love to be kind, be gentle and be peaceful.”

379. “You are a beautiful and wonderful soul. Recognise and illuminate it.”

380. “You are amazing person with unique talents. Have faith in your abilities.”

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381. “You are not a victim of your circumstance.Stay determine to endure hard times. No situation is permanent.”

382. “You are you. You are unique individual You have unique purpose. You have unique fulfillment. You have unique mission in life.”

383. “You can achieve the set-goals with passion, persistent with perseverance.”

384. “You can achieve your set-goals by God’s grace.”

385. “You can actually overcome all the limitations of life and achieve your dreams, if you don’t give up too early.”

386. “You can find hope in despair. Dwell on positive thoughts.”

387. “You can flourish by faith.”

388. “You can go as far as you dream, think and imagine.”

389. “You can reach higher heights by faith.”

390. “You can renew your mind and revive spirit by reading great stories.”

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391. “You can survive any shock.”

392. “You gain strength with every difficulty, which you boldly overcome.”

393. “You have great talent for great contribution to humanity.”

394. “You have nothing to lose by giving your best.”

395. “You have to conquer every mountain to realize the dream.”

396. “You have to love what you do, to give your best.”

397. “You have to push through every difficulty to have a breakthrough.”

398. “You have to stretch your soul to find your potential strength.”

399. “You must be fearless to travel on the journey of unknown.”

400. “You must be willing, determined and persistent to achieve your goals.”

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401. “You must learn to enjoy life and have fun doing what you love.”

402. “You must mentally prepare to conquer any situation.”

403. “You must nurture the force within you. You are the only person that can behold the divine force for your divine purpose.”

404. “You should be thankful for the journey of life. You only make this journey once in your life time.”

405. “You will boost your productivity with active exercise.”

406. “You will find rest on Sabbath day for your soul.”

407. “You will manifest your sacred character when you connect to the Creator.”

408. “You will only know the road, until you have travel on it.”

409. “Young people will always need mentors to guide and support them.”

410. “Your dreams of today will create your future.”

411. “Your journey on earth is personal journey of life.”

412. “Your limitation lies in your imagination.”

413. “Your past success is a foundation into future success.”

414. “Your spirit must be strong to survive a shock.”