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Here we have got some famous quotes and images with precious and wise words from the famous Ehsan Sehgal that you need to know. These popular Ehsan Sehgal quotes may have been read by you. The people, whom these quotes came from also felt end experienced life like us and that’s why you will find similarities with your inner thoughts with them. They come from deep, as the person quoting such words has gone through or observed the same situation as us. There is a huge similarity between their frame of mind and ours. You are the best, so have no doubt and express yourself. You will see that the thoughts and feelings of famous people are not any different from ours. Dive into the truest and wisest collection of quotes and images by Ehsan Sehgal that is full of positivity. We have picked out these best Ehsan Sehgal sayings from the internet for you.

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Notable Sayings Pictures By Ehsan Sehgal

1. “A beautiful woman is the hundred percent attractive at every place if no one other is with her.”

2. “A journey, towards a mirage, never ends.”

3. “A life breathes In its past, present And future It might be Or might not be, Most of it, The past was a deaf Don’t hear; it is a terrible The present is a dumb Don’t tell; it is a bitter The future will be a blind Don’t look; it is a dark However, I breathed I breathe I shall breathe Be happy With adopting, To be deaf, dumb, and blind Otherwise, bear and wear Wish in the heart Tears in the eyes To disappear Forever.”

4. “A wish is that Have a good time Have a good life A wish from the heart Not from the mind.”

5. “And one day I found you I fell in love I chose you Now I see and feel You are my life and soul My love and goal.”

6. “As only diamond can cut diamond; similarly, the liar’s lies can ineffective only by lies, keeping in the mind that proverb: Tit for Tat.”

7. “Brutality of brutal people reached to personal attacks it was the result of my tolerance.”

8. “Clever’s cunning Intelligent’s intelligence.”

9. “Diamond is but frozen time.”

10. “Did you ever realise: Never fill the fuel against yourself.”

A Journey Towards A Mirage Never Ends Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
A Journey Towards A Mirage Never Ends Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Knowledgable Quotes Images From Ehsan Sehgal

11. “Don’t search love in others Don’t expect the truth That is pure Be sure You will disappoint”

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12. “Etiquette, respect, and love, embellish and beautify the character; whereas, also that reach and qualify the success of life.”

13. “Far away, from frustration I stay calm And enjoy peace.”

14. “Filth from my character, brutality from my tongue expectations from my life indeed it mirros a unique persona.”

15. “Flight of love-thought Lands only on the heart-runway Such thought also flies In my mind But unfortunately, I cannot locate that runway For stable and secure landing.”

16. “Have you ever noticed, and realized the typo within the YouTube than Your-Tube.”

17. “I am too weak To escape from it So I mostly surrender To my memories.Rate this poem”

18. “I am waiting for someone No one is there It is reality or illusion I have to bear.”

19. “I became such a traveler, Who had no destination Now I realize, after losing everything Nothing is the truth, except for God Between birth and death.”

20. “I feel much more pleasure and shield alone with all my flaws than with the companion who is not fair and trusted.”

Clevers Cunning Intelligents Intelligence Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
Clevers Cunning Intelligents Intelligence Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Best Quotes Images From Ehsan Sehgal

21. “I follow not such a direction That leads towards nothing. I knock not such a door That opens not Thus, Far away, from frustration I stay calm And enjoy peace.”

22. “I knew it would happen Everyone will leave me I will remain alone I knew it, I know it”

23. “I never knock on the door For Love I never yield To Beauty I never beg For Rank I never adulate, For Wealth These four pillars establish My Status It’s Me And my Tenacity.”

24. “I salute and thank all my opponents, from whom, I learned many things, without pushing and searching for that, even sitting at home.”

25. “Immaturity exists in every human; however, it becomes the prisoner of the maturity force, whether it is real or pretended; it naturally escapes on many occasions.”

26. “In many ways, your spouse is only your trusted friend, lover, adviser, and caretaker. Above all that the vital pillar and spirit of your life, is too than the others.”

27. “In talking In walking In working In life In all subjects Balance is magnet To the strength For a sustainable way And The strong security Of yourself.”

28. “It is my fate; it is my prize To living alone To smile alone To cry alone To dry my tears alone”

29. “It is my strong belief God’s justice will heal The wounds and griefs I have suffered from that Years and years.”

30. “Life is the gift Of my God He gave me And when he would that He will take it back.”

Diamond Is But Frozen Time Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
Diamond Is But Frozen Time Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Knowledgable Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

31. “Loneliness teaches and shows you the real and unreal and such things that one can never understand and even imagine living with others.”

32. “Maturity does not match, with immaturity.”

33. “My family had been In refuge Everywhere I did not stay, at one place Since my childhood I have a large family”

34. “My heart rules The Kingdom of truth And I am the King of Love How equality, justice And respect apply here? One can enter and visit that Only with a Visa of love Sincerity can reward Citizenship of that Kingdom With all the rights.”

35. “My love was For you It is for you It will stay For you Come and embrace Lips on lips Breath with breath New life creating And merging Heart and soul As one Forever Come and embrace Don’t wait It hurts you and me Don’t wait Don’t wait”

36. “My madness See in the eyes My love’s truth See in the eyes”

37. “Never venture and risk a seashell for a pearl; conversely, one can choose and select it in an open field, without risk.”

38. “No doubt, you may leave me physically, but it is impossible to erase the memories of you from my heart and mind.”

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39. “No one can restrict and stop another one that stays wasting its time for nothing, realizing that impossible matters remain consequently impossible.”

40. “No reaction means, the collapse and failure of an action.”

Far Away From Frustration I Stay Calm And Enjoy Peace Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
Far Away From Frustration I Stay Calm And Enjoy Peace Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Legendary Sayings Pictures By Ehsan Sehgal

41. “None of the magic forces can affect, the real and pure love. Love is itself the supreme power.”

42. “Now I am myself, father But I still miss my father That’s why my heart showers love For entire humanity.”

43. “O’ my stranger friend I know you are my happiness My love and my life But this is not my fate To meet and see you Let me live, alone”

44. “Oh, my daughter. Everyone has the world’s day. I also suggest for you today. The Daughter’s Day”

45. “Oh, my world Tell me Into which language I would write You might notice, To recognize me?”

46. “Oh, stranger You came and entered such a way In a depth of my heart As stays a drop of rain In the seashell And becomes the pearl And shines I feel scared So I keep silent The world may rob that And deprive me Now you come yourself And with your perfumed words Of love Give the life To break the spirit Of my silence Show the truth and reality And fetch out Your credit treasure To relieve me.”

47. “On aggression and brutality humanity is crying.”

48. “One cannot seize, and capture one’s love, to impose its will.”

49. “One should know the importance Of the truth and the reality Before claiming of love Without the truth A lover doesn’t reach its beloved I am truth and love.”

50. “Scholarly talks and discussion require manner, virtue, and referral. Otherwise, the outcome holds nothing.”

Maturity Does Not Match With Immaturity Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
Maturity Does Not Match With Immaturity Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Famous Sayings Images From Ehsan Sehgal

51. “Since I am a poet I express it in exact words, Which illustrate a truth And reality However, it can be an illusion, Far from the facts But the direct narration With a direct figure It verifies the truth and reality.”

52. “Since my identity is my land My actions are the identity of it Therefore, I move, at every step With care and responsibility”

53. “Sometimes, I make myself the worry I talk to myself Again and again About the consequences of differences Between you and me, because, You are like a fresh flower And I am like a dry leaf.”

54. “The higher education collapses if the moral, and character fail, to prove and show that.”

55. “The house decorating with the things and yourself with the dress is nothing as long as you do not furnish your language, talk and your character with the role modesty, decency, morals, sincerity and love of humans.”

56. “The innocent and the guiltless may not ask the apologies since one has not, even the clue of it.”

57. “The memories bring the pain And tears I try hard Not to recall But that, come As destructive forces Beyond my power That, destroy”

58. “The power of your inner sense is your neutrality The purity of your heart and mind is your fairness The strength of your soul is your love and help To all people, in all good matters Though you are not a perfect But you are a unique person.”

59. “The response is essential for any relationship. Otherwise, it is the rejection itself.”

60. “The shortcut way can save your time, but that deprives you of the sufficient knowledge and scoop.”

No Reaction Means The Collapse And Failure Of An Action Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
No Reaction Means The Collapse And Failure Of An Action Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Short Sayings Pictures By Ehsan Sehgal

61. “The standard quality shows its best value within it, which attracts such minds that have the sense to feel and understand the reality.”

62. “The wolves in the uniform with the license to do that.”

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63. “Their burden of pain They who can support them Unfortunately They are empty of feeling And compassion I do not feel surprising That world is unjust And unfairly divided.”

64. “Though You are like an old But I see you as a gold Like an inspiring lamp.”

65. “To build a new way That may lead, towards The same outcome So I dare not I am afraid, From such ones It seems everyone is that I cannot risk and bear Such gambling again.”

66. “To copy others carries and contains plagiarism; indeed one risks, losing its certainty and novelty.”

67. “To say the diamond of others like the stone, and own stone like the diamond is the easiest task, but to prove that, is hard.”

68. “Today, I am that. What I will be tomorrow that I travel and engage today. Thus, today belongs to yesterday and tomorrow I cannot erase that from my life today.”

69. “Tricks and trust cannot match each other since one has no time to build certitude, and trust while playing the tricks.”

70. “Unnecessary silence upon emotions and exigency is an act of self-immolation of your rights and ways.”

On Aggression And Brutality Humanity Is Crying Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
On Aggression And Brutality Humanity Is Crying Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Inspirational Quotes Pictures From Ehsan Sehgal

71. “Waiting, and waiting , After all, I am giving up, To be free From waiting To start A new journey of new hopes And new dreams.”

72. “What is love Beauty of face Body, dress, or wealth No, none of that But indeed only Polite, sweet And lovely words Make the base Simpleness and smile Create the immortal stronghold Of the relationship Truth, fairness, and trust Build the structure Respect, honour, tolerance Decorate the way Sacrificing shows The key to destiny Loyalty gives The shape of visibility Between the two hearts Appear feeling That all complete The real, true, and beautiful love That’s pure love.”

73. “When breaks and collapses, The dams of the eyes, then River of the tears Flows as a flood. If, exists not sweetness In the conversation The bitterness of that Spoils friendly relations.”

74. “When the thought and the feeling match each other, that becomes the wisdom.”

75. “When would come tomorrow? Please come today and the other day.”

76. “Whenever you pledge your life, for your companion, you bind respect too. If you break it; you break with own hands your life, and respect.”

77. “Wherever diamond exists, it carries, its worth and value with it; similarly, a visionary-figure also stays as like as that.”

78. “With exploration and hope. It is a result of my soul traveling. I am still waiting.I am still thirsty for love.”

79. “You are as like a diamond, unbreakable if it is breakable, and broken in any way, remains still the diamond.”

80. “You can become the utmost tyrant You can break me, even kill me However, You can neither buy nor bend me Since I am a determination.”

The Wolves In The Uniform With The License To Do That Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
The Wolves In The Uniform With The License To Do That Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal

Popular Quotes Pictures From Ehsan Sehgal

81. “You cannot decide to try any matter that even you are unsure about its clarity, the visible outlook may excite one to take the step to move forward that success is predictable.”

82. “You cannot escape Without lessons I do not know why My old memories stop me Even the thinking of love.”

83. “You don’t have a little time for your elderly parents. Most of you ignore and even forget your parents.”

84. “You feel yourself a broken one and you still breathe.”

85. “You may exist here But you cannot live Without your soul I am only your soul Your life Come to me Merge into me To become unique.”

86. “You win your truth The truth is God itself It is a great honor Of the Gad That you get it And someone Loses that You are the winner.”

87. “Your behaviour can make friends and as well as opponents and enemies too. It depends on you.”

88. “Your behaviour is the mirror, for your mental state.”

You Feel Yourself A Broken One And You Still Breathe Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
You Feel Yourself A Broken One And You Still Breathe Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
Your Behaviour Is The Mirror For Your Mental State Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal
Your Behaviour Is The Mirror For Your Mental State Quotes Images By Ehsan Sehgal